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Angela Valella

Angela Valella is an artist, teacher and activist based in Miami. She is currently the director of The Nightclub project.

‘The Nightclub’ is a nomadic platform that since April 2012 aims to create dialogue among diverse artistic practices and practitioners through curated exhibitions presented in various venues for one-night only.
From 2005 to 2011 she co-founded 801 Projects, a contemporary space dedicated to promote the arts that included exhibitions, workshops and talks. One of the founding members of Design and Architecture School in South Florida, she has been a contributor in the research of the book Memoria, Cuban Art of the 20th Century and organized curatorial shows and conferences among others.

Valella’s works in a variety of media including, painting, collage, installation and video. She investigates problems of perception, selective accumulation and non-linearity. Her work has been exhibited in Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Centro Cultural Español, Miami, Miami Dade Public Library, Miami and The Art Center at Colorado as well as Colby Gallery, Chicago. She is currently preparing a publication on the Nightclub project.