Brian Carson

Bryan Carson’s artwork is derived from the energy and mystery of large bodies of water, in particular the ocean. It represents a stage in between reality and dreams or consciousness and unconsciousness when thoughts are neither fact nor fiction, but seem to be a combination of both. His approach in his artwork has been to depict this middle ground of reality showing a connection between real, mysterious, and dreamlike objects; showing a transformation between each of these three stages. Through creating his work he focus on the foundation of drawing while adding layered elements through painting, printmaking, transfers, and other various media. Through this approach and due to his subject matter, his work tends to focus on radial forms that repeat to provide a continuous pushing and pulling movement of objects towards and away from each other.

In particular with works on wood, each wood substrate is carefully chosen so that the natural grain and knots become a part of the overall design representing moving water and/or focal points. Using this visual concept many areas of the wood remain unchanged and what was once negative space becomes the positive space to give way to skin tones and textures of the human form.

You can visit his website