Dusty Herbig

Much of the work I am currently researching seeks to draw conclusions and develop contradictions about the dichotomic commentary revolving around the concept of power, and/or energy. Whetherquestioning origins of power, the lengths we go to in order to obtain power, or the ramifications we all face for the prospecting for power, the work seeks to open dialogue about POWER. Power is simply another branch component of the bigger picture encompassing the previous research population issues. With the various branches of population expansion, power, violence, disease, space allotment, and others, I hope to shed some light regarding these convoluted concerns.

Given the current socio-political conditions of our nation and world, I feel I have a responsibility to touch on some of the reasons humans gravitate towards a competitive discourse about power/energy. This leads to my excitement about my current media choice; relief printmaking. Using such a traditional method of working feels the most direct, democratic, environmentally friendly, and immediate way to bring the content of my work to increasingly expanding populations of energy consumers. If you are reading this artist’s statement, you contribute to the enigma complicated by humanities desire for more energy and power. It’s OK, artists are notorious for their selfishness.

Visit his web site at: http://www.dustyherbig.com