Ernesto Kunde

Ernesto Kunde is a self-taught artist, born in Brazil, and currently residing in Miami, Florida.  He began to explore his passion for art at an early age. Growing up in Rio Grande do Sul, he was inspired by the scenic, pastoral surroundings and used whatever resources he could find to paint.  Over the years, he has built a substantial body of work and has experimented with a variety of media, techniques, and subjects.  “I go in phases,” says the artist.  “I am always influenced by what’s around me.”  Traditionally, Kunde has painted abstract and landscape paintings, using acrylic on canvas.  Vibrant colors have been his signature.  Recently, he began exploring the use of other media, including recycled materials such as found wood and corrugated aluminum.  He has discovered the power of using black and white in his work, which now creates a striking contrast to the vibrant colors still in play.


His subject matter includes iconic Miami scenes, abstract mangroves, and darker themes such as war and homelessness.  Throughout this range of work, he brings a unique perspective, one that draws-in the viewer.   “Overall, my goal as an artist is to continually evolve, but what I hope remains consistent is that I make paintings that capture people’s attention.” Regardless of the theme or medium, Kunde always conveys an intensity of emotion in his work.  He is currently an artist in residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami.