Ines Rojas

“Environmental art” is not just a comment upon the inherent relationship – or conflict – between humankind and the natural, nor is it simply a laudatory hymn to organic beauty and perseverance; environmental art is also about defining a space – or environment – by the message it sends.
Ines Rojas “environmental art,”  is apparent in her concept of  industrial forms transformed.  It seems almost impossible that reconstituted car parts can be involved in an environmental art project; however, Ines recycles the old and makes it anew, giving it new life, removing the pollution phase involved in the disposal of it..  She incorporates the natural elements, harnessing their alchemical traits – earth for it texture and nutrient qualities, air for its ability to sensuously perpetuate motion, water for its audible, silky trickle, and fire for its illuminating properties.  Her green sculptures define environments, abstracting the very question of the nature of eternal beauty.


Ines Rojas, by way of Colombia, where she was born, raised, and trained as an interior designer, has put her unique touch on a wide array of projects worldwide. With works in Tampa, Connecticut, Miami Beach, and Colombia, over the course of her career, Ines has received a variety of commissions for interior and furniture design. In continuing to harness her artistic intuition, Ines is fulfilling her long-awaited dream of rescuing automotive and other mechanical scraps and rejuvenating them with her discerning eye for balance, order, and beauty.
Ines earned her degree in interior design at El Centro Universitario Las Mercedes in Bogotá, Colombia and immediately embarked on a professional career as an environmental designer for financial and design offices worldwide.  Afterwards, she decided to transplant her roots to the United States; and, in 1979, she emigrated to Miami, and continued her career in high-end, natural stone interiors.  In 1993, four years after establishing Unique Tables, her timeless table designs were recognized for creativity at the ASID Florida Show., and, ten years later, Ines founded Unique Design, expanding her design and production company to the custom design of environments for her furniture lines and their users.
In the summer of 2009, Ines decided to redefine herself professionally as an artist.  She is pursuing her passion for recycling obsolete industrial products such as antique refrigerator compressors and automobile components while continuing to incorporate her love for natural textures.  In November 2009, Ines received a second place award in sculpture at the 38th annual South Miami Art Festival.