Jaime Ferreyros

Born in Lima, Peru 51 years ago and a son of a diplomat, Jaime Ferreyros had the opportunity to live in many countries around the world. While his father was an Ambassador of Peru assigned to the United States, Colombia, Japan, Italy, among other countries, he learned about world history, different cultures and the arts through his travels…not sitting in a classroom, as he says.  For the past 19 years he has been living in Miami with his wife, three kids and their Yorkie. He is an Emmy Award winning TV producer who loves to cook and is a passionate and successful iPhoneographer.
His photos have been exhibited in galleries across the US and Europe, including the very first iPhoneography exhibit in the world at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California. He recently had his first solo show at the Artspace Gallery in Miami, Florida.

Some of his activity as an iphoneographer artist can be seen athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9WvcGjEYVg