Jason Aponte

individual.   The canvas allows me to present to the viewer elements that of the subject’s psychology, such as color, form, and light, ultimately leading to a portrait or scene that presents my take on the minutia of contemporary life. The natural situations we experience everyday often contain beautiful, unseen elements that are quite telling about the facets of contemporary life that shape our conception of ourselves as individuals, which I attempt to capture with my work.

As a classically trained artist, I work towards achieving a realistic representation of my subject.  Although there are some abstract elements in my work, they are present to enhance the emotions I experience toward my subjects. Born in Homestead, FL, I was not initially exposed to a great deal of art. My inspirations initially came from film and comics.  This led me to obtain a classical education at Ringling School of art and Design in Sarasota, FL where I received a Bachelors Degree in Illustration, after which I have shown my work throughout the country including Arlington National Cemetery.  I have also been exhibited internationally.

Visit his website at: http://www.jasonaponte.com