Joe Kernisky

Joey Kernisky grew up in Southern Maryland moving to DC years later, where he felt inspired by the art on display in our Capitol and from artists like Morris Louis, Jackson Pollack, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro and the impressionists of France in Art History classes at U of Maryland and seeing the paintings in person at the Phillips Collection in DC.

The last 6 years of his life, Joey Kernisky has worked in Florida where he moved to follow his dream of finding nature to paint more about the beautiful shoreline of Florida and its white sandy beaches that are washed with crystal blue waters. He had created sharks and alligators sculptures before he moved to Florida, but there, he could experience them in real life, not just out of a book. He is concerned about these animals and thinks that residents of Florida should encourage legislation that helps restore the natural flow of the Everglades and helps promote the health of this great river thereby helping the health of all the birds, fish and alligators that rely on this river.

He has always gravitated to Color Field artists and strives to make paintings that reflect the best color experiences he has had.

Joey finished his Art Degree at the University of Maryland in 1994 and is a Resident Artist at ArtSouth, Homestead in Florida.

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