Josepo is a Chilean self taught artist and welder, who made Miami his home since he came in 1974. Taking advantage of his experience in the construction industry he learned different aspects which helped him to develop an artistic sense to give to the steel a different life and purpose.

About his work he says:

“The art of metal sculpting is a very silent and lonely process, despite all the noise that it causes while being made. It forces me to dig deep into my bag of feelings, memories, and visions, so I can give life to my pieces without being fixed to some specific style, hoping that the people enjoy displaying them as much as I do making them”.

“I believe that my sculpture in some instances may not need further clarification other than the spontaneous engagement and reaction of the viewer upon impact of their senses and minds. Only then, is when my sculpture really becomes alive. The hard and cold metal starting as inert material, is shaped, formed, heated or integrated together through different methods and processes to become one creating my art, which is born as a way to express the intangible thoughts and feelings that we have within”.