Kristin Kozlowski

Kristin Kozlowski is a Philadelphia based artist and educator who uses the urban environment as her muse.  Using paper, board, ink, paint, string, or wood, Kozlowski depicts an abstract interpretation of the behaviors of a city, both politically and socially. She considers the cartography and the engineering used to design a densely populated area, including architecture, traffic patterns and transportation systems, and how they affect the occupants that dwell in such systematic environments.

Kozlowski received a BFA (2003) from the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, and an MFA (2012) from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia.  She has exhibited at numerous galleries such as The Dupree Gallery, Siano Gallery, and Ice Box Project Space, in Philadelphia, and Climate/Gallery in New York, and will be published in the 2013 edition of Art Buzz.