Matt Horowitz

Steven Matthew Horowitz is a Miami native artist. His appreciation for art didn’t blossom before his junior year in high school. There, at Miami Palmetto Senior High, he took an Art appreciation course. He didn’t think much of it his initial impression til he began to draw at the end of the first week, which continued throughout the day in every available margin of the paper he took notes on in the following classes. He was hooked since then he have developed a finer appreciation for sculptures – particularly in metal. He have come across a unique opportunity in his career to have access to top notch drafting software and a high pressured water jet machine – which all his work is the product of. All ideas are transferred from mind to computer, specifically AutoCAD and then cut by the machine. He prefers exposing the bare elements and pores of the metal, however, he have recently begun working with powder coating to enhance some pieces of work. He entered his first art exhibit, Art in the Park 2011 and won first place sculptor.