We are collaborators. When he’s code, she’s human.           We are graphic designers, fine artists, writers, thinkers, inventors, and musicians. Our skill set is frenetic; our commentary is rooted within this collision, this dialogue.
I’m a girl. I’m a boy. So you know, this doesn’t happen simultaneously or immaculately. We are anti-antioxidants. We amplify the destructive effects of prolonged exposure. If she’s Courier, he’s cardboard.

We are Ryan Shelley and Elizabeth Herrmann (ras+e) and we generate humanistic commentary on critically detached communication using limited means. We want your discarded mediums, your boxes, excess bits of a busted culture; when life gives you lemons, we make grenades. Design is making anything for anyone out of anything.
RE: is design without numbing agents; it’s design beyond Impact and Lara Croft posed all contrapposto on a supermarket tabloid. Our premise is based on working with cheap democratic materials paired in exploitive relationships. Medium follows idea; text and image melt together. His design is fine art. Her writing is graphic design. Think Mount St. Helens with toner.

Our overlapping backgrounds include growing up in culture-less communities, leaving them, graduate school at MICA, team-teaching in Boston, pursuing activist art, collectives, and initiating collaborative projects that highlight our desire to invent art for people with people.