Interview with Jason Aponte

Jason Aponte is a classically trained figurative artist who studied at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarsota,FL.

His talent lies in finding the hidden beauty within modern day living.  After a seven year venture in Boston, MA, he now lives and works in his hometown of Homestead, FL where he was born and raised.  His studio is located in downtown Homestead in an artist community called ArtSouth.

How did you get started?
This is a difficult question to answer since I have early memories of drawing as a child, just like most people do.  One of my earliest memories creating a painting on my own without instruction on what to draw was a painting I did of a volcano, rainbow, and palm trees on the inside of my pet Blacky’s dog house. I was very proud of it at that age.  As I got older I became more interested in comic books which I would copy pages of.  I started to take more classes in art than I was required to take while in Junior high and High school which fed the interest even more.  This led me to an Associates degree in Art and Art Education at Miami-Dade Community College and then to Ringling School of Art and Design for my Bachelors Degree in Illustration.

What does inspire your artwork?
Lately, the thing that inspire me the most is how people think and what influences their choices.  This has been the driving force behind my most current work.

How do you describe your last artwork?
My latest work has references to my earlier work but with a twist.  I consider myself a figurative realist but my most recent pieces almost have a cubist feel due to the break of planes from false reflections.  They reveal a undercurrent of truths that we tend to push aside and avoid but affect our day to day lives that some would say is obscene.  I did not intend the work to be over critical but to have a sense of humor about it.

What has been the reactions from the public to the delicated sexual content in your new work?
There have been mixed reactions but overall most people are mature enough to look beyond the sexual content and see the work for what it is, which is to question what we take for granted.

How do you stimulate your creativity?

In particular to this latest work I was stimulated by articles written about how sex/pornography affects world commercialism.

What does come next in your career?
I will continue to produce pieces dealing with other issues and executing them in a similar style.

Taste of the Good Life

How do you market your work and where is it available?
I market myself through my website at . I show work at 13Forest Gallery in Boston and The Children’s Gallery and Arts Center.  Also, I take part in ArtSouth’s second saturday open studios every month.