Interview with Leo Dcroix

Leo Dcroix (born in Colombia January 26, 1988) is a computer animation graduade from Missouri State University. He is a young Latin American artist with a very promising future on the field of computer animation.

Leo has an innate ability and coming to US has helped to amplify his technique. His work has an influence of Gothic art giving us a feeling of mysterious and enigmatic settings. I invite you to read this interview and obviously to enjoy his artwork.

1.When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?
From the very moment I picked a crayon it was like discovering a new world with no limits, whatever came to my mind I could translate over to paper and this feeling was very fulfilling.

2. Is there anyone else in your family that is artistically inclined?My father who has 10 years of retired is a master of oil painting. However he is   more traditional. My brother who is Journalist has passion with photography. My father, who has ten years of retired from his work, has used this time to become a master at oil painting and my brother, who studies journalism, is very passionate about photography.
3. Why did you decide to study abroad and why US?
My major was one of the main reasons. U.S. has several colleges that offer Computer animation in their Educational system. This was something hard to find in my country (Colombia). I came to the states at a pretty young age and this has changed my life drastically. I was about 17 year old very narrow minded may I say. Making this trip by myself helped me to discovered and grow as a person and as an artist. Also, I got to polish my English skills which is one of the most used languages in the world.

4. Do you have any art influence on animation?

Tim Burton from California he is director, producer, writer and designer.  Most of his films have been characterized by the presence of imaginary worlds where they are often present Gothic and dark, whose protagonists are usually misfits and enigmatic.
He is famous for dark, quirky-themed movies, my favorites are Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Coraline
Another influence is Japanese animation. I remember how much I loved Dragon ball Z when I was a kid. It stills very entertaining to me actually. However, I recall sitting down an drawing for hours characters from the series. I had tons of drawings it was sort of crazy . I guess this is why my Illustrations now have this kind of Manga(Japanese comic style) quality to them.
5. Which is your dreamed art work? 
My dream artwork is an animation I am working on at this very moment. It is called The grim reaper legacy that tells the story of a young dead boy who is about to take on the work of being a grim reaper. It’s a 3D animated dark comedy.