Josepo : Metal Sculpture

Josepo is a Chilean self taught artist and welder, who made Miami his home since he came in 1974.

Taking advantage of his experience in the construction industry he learned different aspects which helped him to develop an artistic sense to give to the steel a different life and purpose.

How was your birth as an artist?
For as long as I can remember, I always liked to make  and build “things”, such as toys, “club houses” in trees, carts made with a discarded wooden apple crates and a pieces of a skate, etc, which I painted in a very personalized way challenging what was “conventional” back then. Doing that gave me a sense of creativeness that it has been within me since then.
After many, many years later, once grown up and after raising my three sons is when I found more time in my hands and I started to “play” again with different materials, where I tried metal, and that is when I was bitten by the “iron bug”.

How would you describe your work? What art movement would you placed it in?
My sculpture represents daily situations, experiences and emotions, as seen by my perception of things or situations that surround me, which I convey and represent in my pieces in a form of humor and with a lot of “irony”… (Pardon the pun), but with their very own presence and spirit.
I cannot tell you in what art movement my work would be categorized as, since I don’t know enough art history to be accurate in my response.

The stories behind your pieces are very interesting. What message do you wish to communicate through it?
Simple things in life, stories that go around and around inside my head either veridic or product of my imagination, and also some daily situations in a humoristic form

What are the most important influences that have moved you as an artist?
My many visits to different local and world-class museums, art events, fairs, etc., where I have seen the work of many Masters, established and new artists, street art, students, etc., which marveled me, and made me wonder “how did they do that?”, and how some of the art that I saw, kept going in my mind long after I experienced seeing it for the first time. That made me realize that the pieces of art that called my attention and astonished me, not only engraved a visual memory of them in my mind but also my own interpretation of the message that the artists were communicating with their art. Then I said to myself “I can try do that too”.

What challenges do you face when you start a piece?
To make the invisible, visible. To transform ideas into shapes, to bring to reality emotions, thoughts and feelings by applying my experience, technical skills and craftmanship to create my sculptures.

What of your creations is or are your favorite ones and why?
I like them all. They are almost like my children to me. They are all different; they have different personalities, qualities, sensitiveness, characters, attitude and realities. You as an artist are only instrumental in their creation and development.

Where people can see, enjoy and know more about your art?
More of my art can be seen on my Website , facebook page

I am also exhibiting at Pinecrest Gardens (Ex Parrot Jungle) 11000 Red Road in Miami until October 29th. Private showings can be arranged by contacting me directly.