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Art Basel 2013 – “More than Meets the Eye” Exhibition


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Children of all ages (0-99) are welcome to the opening-night reception for an art show that brings fine art to young children’s eye level. No piece of artwork is displayed more than 3 feet high!   Children love art—but the art world doesn’t always love children. Unless an art show is designed specifically for children (which usually means the art is “childish” in nature), most fine art shows exclude children as part of the audience by displaying the pieces too high for them to see. Granted, most art shows are intended for adult audiences, but why should it always be that way?

Conceived and curated by Miami–based artist Christine Lyall, “More than Meets the Eye” brings for Art Basel Week an unusual art exhibition designed especially for the little ones by lowering the artwork to just a few feet high. Young children can thus see what adults see—from the brush strokes on a canvas to the welded seams in a metal sculpture. And you might be surprised by what young children will “see.”

Just how low will we go? There is almost no depth to which we won’t go to help cultivate children’s interest in and appreciation for fine art.

Join us for “kid-friendly” beverages and refreshments … and wine for the adults!

Date: Friday, December 6, 2013
Time: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Place: The Art Link Gallery, 130 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL, 33127
Admission: FREE

Participating artists are:

Aduni Abu Bakar—Sumi Ink Painting
Leonel D’cröix—Digital Painting
Jose Luis Diaz Montero—Mixed Media
Jaime Ferreyros—iPhonography
Sandra Garcia-Pardo—Sculpture
Raciel Gomez Golpe—Mixed Media
Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevedo—Mixed Media
Christine Lyall—Gouache painting, Mixed Media
Adriano Nicot—Painting
Jee Park—Mixed Media
Daniel Portnoy—Photography
Aida Tejada—Photography, Mixed Media
Clara Varas—Mixed Media
Katarina Vicenova—Oil Painting